HTR series absorber

—  Microwave Rubber Absorber
HTR series absorber RTS series absorber Application note


HTR Rubber Absorber is a series of relative width band microwave absorbers which, typically, absorb -5dB ~ -25dB of normally incident energy at a discrete frequency between 10MHz ~ 40GHz. Based on the tuned frequency, HTR absorber is designed with thickness in the range of 0.1mm up to 4mm. We also provide special design for the customers’ requirement of the frequency, absorbing rate, thickness, etc. HTR series are well developed product that is very efficient way to solve the EMI/RFI/EMC problem for electronic/ electric product, notebook、computer , electronic device ,wireless communication device , and even new-generation ultra-thin or mini-portable computer/PDA, digital camera, RFID, NFC, IEEE.801.a/b/ac/g/n product, wireless charging device, Millimeter wave device, electric medical device...etc.

The product can be provided in sheet or in roll, and also can be pre-cutting to desired shape.

The maximum temperature resistance is -40 0C ~ +120 0C.


  • EMI Reduction for Antennas and Electronic Systems (such as LNBs for Satellite System).
  • Antenna Pattern Shaping and False Echo Reductions.
  • The Radiation Hazard Protection.
  • To paste on electric circuit、connector、cable socket 、flat cable.
  • To suppress and absorb attenuate electromagnetic waves and noise out through electric circuit.
  • Being available at LED display, cable modem or wrap cable and wire, also any noise source.
  • Solving for third/ fourth/Fifth generation (3G/4G LTE/5G mobile device RFI problem.
  • Wireless communication equipment、Blue tooth, LTE, Wimax Wi-fi device..etc. device
  • RFID, NFC, or wireless battery charging device.
  • Millimeter wave device
  • Electric medical device

Application Example of HTR series

(1) HTR for LCD’s EMI problem:

The HTR series can be used as the figure shown. The HTR series used to replace the ferrite tile clamp on FPC I/O connector. The conductive coat is taken off near the connector. Such arrangement can reduce radiation at least 5 dB to 12dB for whole system. Since the thickness of HTR-03B is 0.3mm, the total thickness of HTR-03B clamp is 0.6 mm only. This means there is no space problem now.The HTR series also can cut to small pieces and paste on the backside of driving IC of LED display screen to solve EMI problem.

Typical Commercial Product Specifications

Part No. Typical Thickness(mm) Frequency Max. Decay(-dB) Normal Application
HTR-NFC-01 0.1 13.56MHz 4 NFC device
HTR-RFID-01/015/025 0.1/0.15/0.25 13.56MHz 4/5/7 RFID, wireless charging device
HTR-01A/02A/03A 0.1/0.2/0.3 800MHz~3GHz 3/5/7 3G/4G/5G mobile device, GPS, Wi-fi device, Digital camera module , .etc
HTR-04B/07B/10B 0.4/0.7/1.0 10MHz~1GHz 4/7/10 NFC,RFID, device,PCB, chip, FPC
HTR-05U/10U/15U 0.5/1.0/1.5 10MHz ~3GHz 6/8/10 NFC,RFID, device, GPS, 3G/4G mobile device, Wireless device, Digital camera module, PCB Shielding box , .etc
HTR-10KUS 1.0 10GHz~40GHz 17 LNB, Shielding box, antenna, PCB..etc
HTR-3G-G3 2 850MHz ~ 2.5GHz 20 Shielding box, GPS, equipment
HTR-2 2 10MHz ~ 3GHz 20 Shielding box, PCB
HTR-4 4 10MHz ~ 3GHz 25 Shielding box, PCB