Pyramidal foam absorber

—  Microwave Foam Absorber
Pyramidal foam absorber Single /multi-layer flat foam absorber Weatherproof,multi-layer foam absorber


FTA is a series of solid, pyramidal shaped absorbing materials made from bulk resistive polyurethane foam. It provides the highest broad band, from 80MHz to 60GHz, performance at both normal incidence and wide incidence angles of all know absorbers. While primarily designed for low forward scatter, it offers favorable back scatter properties as well. It is thus well suited for use in all regions of anechoic chambers, or for covering test equipment within anechoic chambers.

FTA is available in a variety of thickness. The chamber designer has the opportunity to choose appropriate versions for specific requirements. The materials are normally provided in 60cm×60cm.FTA can be designed flat foam and be waterproof for weather consideration. The FTA-36/50 are recommended for use in high quality microwave antenna/RCS test ranges, and also for use in semi-anechoic chambers which only have to meet the 4 dB volumetric NSA requirements from 80 MHz and in which a superior performance at microwave frequencies is required.


  • RF Anechoic chambers
  • Building material of satellite and handset base station、 handset maintenance room for EMI solving.
  • Millimeter wave anechoic chambers
  • Absorbing collars (shrouds) around the edges of high performance antennas