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RTS series absorber

—  Microwave Rubber Absorber
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RTS is a series of rubber absorbers which, typically, absorb 99% (-20dB) of normally incident energy at a discrete frequency between 2 GHz and 40 GHz.

Based on the tuned frequency, RTS absorber is designed with thin thickness in the range of 0.9mm to 3mm. The major frequency domain needed to be absorbed also can be made as customer specified. The RTS are normally provided in 30cm×30cm per sheet. But RTS also can be pre-cut to any desired shape pre customer requirement.

The RTS series is designed for easy bonded to flat or curved metallic surface to absorb the major narrow frequency band.

The RTS series can withstand temperature from -40 degC to 120degC.


  • EMI Reduction for Antennas and Electronic Systems (such as: LNB for Satellite System)
  • Antenna Pattern Shaping and False Echo Reductions.
  • The Radiation Hazard Protection.
  • Inside RF module for suppressing reflection, surface current and cavity resonances.
  • The surface of ship, vehicles to reduce the interference of from nearby antenna.
  • Attaching to vehicles to reduce radar signature.
  • Inside telecommunication antenna, such as: waveguide feeds.
  • 3G, 4G LTE, 5G IEEE801.11ac, GPS,..etc
  • Industrial, Medical device

Typical Specifications

Part No. Typical Thickness (mm) Frequency Max.Decay (-dB)
RTS-2 2.6 1.8 GHz ~ 2.2 GHz 20
RTS-2.5 2.6 2.0 GHz ~ 3.5 GHz 20
RTS-4 2.2 3.5 GHz ~ 5.0 GHz 20
RTS-6 2.2 4.5 GHz ~ 7 GHz 20
RTS-12 1.5 10 GHz ~ 15 GHz 20
RTS-15 1.5 12GHz ~ 18GHz 20
RTS-24.0 0.9 22 GHz ~ 26 GHz 20


*The special frequency absorbing material can be tuned per customer requirement
*RTS-2.5 means max decay(-dB) at 2.5GHz
*The thickness of each part no. can be adjusted per customer absorbing requirement.

*RoHS, REACH compliance