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Single /multi-layer flat foam absorber

—  Microwave Foam Absorber
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FTF(single layer) and FTM(multi-layer) are a series of solid, flat type foam absorbing materials made from bulk resistive polyurethane foam. It is well suited for use in shielding box, or inside of equipment that has EMI problem. The different thickness product of single and multi-layer flat absorber can be provided per customer requirement. The normal front surface color can be with/ or without blue-gray painting.

The FTF/FTM product should be installed on the metal surface to ensure the absorbing function. If necessary, the Aluminum foil can be added per customer requirement.

Maximum service temperature is -30° C ~ 90 ° C.


  • Building material of satellite and handset base station、 handset maintenance room for EMI solving.
  • Inside the device/equipment for EMI shielding,
  • Shieding box,
  • Antenna, Radar Dome,..etc

FTF Typical Specifications

Part No. Frequency Thickness Type -dB(Max.)
FTF-03 >8GHz 0.3cm Single -Layer >10
FTF-04 >6GHz 0.4cm Single -Layer >10
FTF-05 >6GHz 0.5cm Single -Layer >10
FTF-06 >3GHz 0.6cm Single -Layer >10
FTF-10C >3GHz 1.0cm Single -Layer >15
FTF-15C >2GHz 1.5cm Single -Layer >20
FTF-20 >2GHz 2.0cm Single -Layer >20
FTF-30 >2GHz 3.0cm Single -Layer >25

FTM Typical Specifications

Part No. Frequency Thickness Type -dB
FTM-15 >3.0GHz 1.5cm Multi-Layer >15
FTM-20 >2.5GHz 2.0cm Multi-Layer >20
FTM-25 >2.5GHz 2.5cm Multi-Layer >20
FTM-30 >2.0GHz 3.0cm Multi-Layer >25
FTM-60 >1.0GHz 6.0cm Multi-Layer >30

*RoHS, REACH compliance