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Weatherproof,multi-layer foam absorber

—  Microwave Foam Absorber
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FTMW are a series of weatherproof, multilayer closed-cell PE foam. The FTMW is the lightweight product. It is well suited for use indoor and outdoor. The closed-cell construction shuts out moisture and other contaminants, and don’t need to add any additional weatherproofing material such as; coating or fabric. <br/> The normal surface color is black without painting, and the gray color anti-UV, flame retardant layer on the front side is provided normally. The Al-foil is option by customer. <br/> The figure is FTMW absorber at thickness 1.2cm with aluminum foil. <br/> FTMW can be applied to wallm ship deck or wrapped around antenna pedestals and other objects, such as; towers, and other structures, buildings and radar nacelles, on a test range to reduce reflectivity indoor and outdoor. <br/> FTMW also can be made to different shape per customer requirement.


  • Building material of satellite and handset base station、handset maintenance room for EMI solving
  • Shipboard
  • Air plane:radar nacells...,etc


Part No. Frequency Thickness Max. Decay(dB)
FTMW-09 5 ~ 18 GHz 9 mm ~18dB
FTMW-12 2 ~ 18GHz 12 mm -30dB